Beautiful day to tour the charming Elliot Falls dam and generating station.

Our #WheresWilly team returned to Elliot Falls today (see earlier post) to get a better look at this charming plant.

Elliot Falls is located on the Gull River in Norland Ontario (south of Minden) and is part of the Trent Severn Waterway.  The Waterway owns and operates a dam upstream of the Elliot Falls.  This dam is open to the public and currently used as access to a system of trails located on the east shore of the river.  The Elliot Falls Generating Station was originally constructed in 1902 by the Raven lake Portland Cement Company to provide 700 kW of power to the cement factory.  It was purchased in circa 1930 by the former Ontario Hydro and mothballed until it was finally redeveloped in 1990 by the Elliot Falls Power Corporation to produce 750 kW.  This redevelopment incorporated the new building partially inside the old structure and makes for some interesting old versus new views.  The plant was purchased by Bracebridge Generation in 2016.