Bracebridge – Home of the beautiful waterfalls and generating stations

Our team returned to Bracebridge today (see earlier posts regarding the High Falls Generating Station and the former Bird’s Mill plant) to visit the beautiful Wilson and Bracebridge Falls and their respective #waterpower facilities on the North Branch of the Muskoka River.  Both of these facilities are located to scenic waterfalls within the Town of Bracebridge, have a long history of generating electricity, and were redeveloped recently.

The Wilson Falls Generating Station was originally built before WW1.  The powerhouse, penstock and intake were replaced in 2012 to allow for its expansion to the current capacity of almost 3 MW.

The Bracebridge Falls Generating Station is located in the heart of downtown Bracebridge.  It was originally constructed in 1902.  It was redeveloped in 1905 to add a second generating unit to increase its capacity up to 600 kW then again in 2012.  This most recent upgrade included replacement of the generating equipment, penstock and intake, increasing it to its current capacity of  almost 3 MW.