#WheresWilly Visits Bancroft

Our #WheresWilly crew visited the circa 1930’s Bancroft Generating Station in the heart of Bancroft on the York River.  This quaint little 600 kW #waterpower plant is at the location of a former Wool Mill that was constructed in 1884.  It is unclear how much of the dam and canal infrastructure was built as part of the original mill, but it is assumed that the majority of whatever was built in 1884 has been at least upgraded when the generating station was constructed around 1930 by Bancroft Electric Light and Power.  The plant was redeveloped in 1948 to add a second unit.  The Wool Mill has since been replaced by the current Old Mill Apartments immediately adjacent to the power canal.  The Facility and part of the dam was acquired by Bracebridge Generation Limited in 2012, who has been busy restoring and upgrading the facility ever since.  The rest of the dam remains under the Town of Bancroft’s ownership.